Legalizing gambling


The casino and any kind of gambling n the country is illegal in japan. This has to do with the troubled history of the industry in general however this is set to change as the country is set to develop its first line of online slot game malaysia casinos and with the country’s reputation in the gaming world, the expectations are high especially the fact that Japan is known for its gaming culture.,


The country has had its battle with gambling but as far as history is concerned, the activity can be dated back to the 6th century in the country where it remained a favorite pass time for the elites of the country. The modern developments came when there were regulations passed in 1907, but soon the activity had to be suspended due to the war. Surprisingly, the country used gambling as a measure to cope with the devastation of the war.

Criminal Code Chapter no 23:

This is Japan’s law that criminalizes each form of gambling like Horse racing, Bicycle, Toto, Lottery, motor, and public sports. However, there is a certain exception to some sports and online gambling. Even though there is no mention of online gambling being allowed, but there is no prohibition either. It falls in the legal ambiguity where there are no provisions. This means that if a player wagers his money on a website that is operated outside the borders of the country, they can withdraw their money and even some casinos are exclusively for the Japanese crowd.

Integrated Resort (IR) Enabling Act:

The battle for the legalization of the casinos in the country started as early as the 2000s but it reaped no results however the cat was passed in 2018 that allowed the casinos to be built in the country in three places and out of those three places, one bid has already been finalized.

legalizing gambling


When lawmakers were discussing the legalization of the casinos, there were a lot of things that came into their mind and addiction was one of them. To assess this problem, there are certain restrictions for the local public wanting to enter the casino. They will have to pay an entry fee and will be allowed on particular days of the week.

Casino Administration Committee:

Integrated Resorts (IR) will be supervised by the Casino Administration Committee. This commission will have the power to revoke and grant licenses and to see if there is a violation of the law. They will act as an external department of the cabinet.


Out of the five companies that have applied for the license, only one has been granted the license to construct the casino in Osaka. There are two other licenses to get in Tokyo and Yokohama.


Even though the country allows the horse betting but that can’t take the place of casino gambling and the glamour that it brings. With the country’s reputation in the gaming area, it remains to see as to how much of standard japan keeps.