Fun card game


There are a lot of card games that you can give the title to, but some have a special place and if you were to excuse the blackjack that happens to be everybody’s favourite, Pai Gow Poker can be considered a people’s choice. It was introduced by Sam Torosian in 1985. Your job is to win against the dealer with a 52-deck on a table of six. The Joker acts as a wild card.


The first step is to place the bet Malaysia online casino then you are dealt with seven cards where the task is to split them into two hands in such a way that your 5-card hand is higher than the 2-card hand. They are to be placed on the table face down.


Dealers turn:

The next turn is of the Dealer who will reveal his card and make a comparison with yours. Both of your hands should beat his card and if only one hand beat his, then it is a draw and if you are equal, the House takes the edge and you lose.


You have to learn the terminology of the game since you will be playing. There are values attached to the card that needs to be remembered. The four Aces are called Four of a Kind, Ace is a High card, you can use Joker instead of Ace or it can complete nay flush, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace are called a royal flush, a straight flush is five cards from the same suit in a sequence, Full house is a pair and a three of a kind and any five cards of the suit is a flush.


There are a lot of variations of the game and in many types, you can place a side bet best online casino Malaysia on the game. The best to know about these games is to find it out on the internet so that you are not confused and know what you are getting into. There is a slight difference.


Before you start wagering money on the game, the best you can do is to learn about all the things that you can do to increase your chances at the game. The expert players are likely to develop their strategies at the game and the best  way to learn from them is the internet. You can also take the help of the website where you get to practice the casino games for free. Take advantage of these resources and prepare so that when you gamble, your chances are increased.



Pai Gow is played with dominoes in China and even though it is a popular game across the globe, the Chinese version still has its base. Both of the types retain its original idea and the central idea is the same. Make sure that you have practiced enough to be playing for real money.

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