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The incredible Makgadikgadi salt pans of Botswana set the scene for the adventure of a lifetime. The vast biodiversity of this region attracts visitors from around the globe every year into the savannah that defines the Great African Safari. Gweta Lodge is a leading venue in this postcard setting where guests come to enjoy the real African experience with all the luxury they expect from five-star accommodation. And if that doesn't take your breath away, then the thrills that await are guaranteed to do so.

Need to know more about our lodge and the amazing Makgadikgadi salt pans? We have provided as much information as possible to tempt you into an experience of a lifetime.

Life on Safari presents the adventurous tourist with many options. Here on the pans, we know that these options need to be detailed before the trek begins. Read more about each of our amazing day trips and overnight activities.

A night on the pans. Imagine everything that you will see - the wildlife, the stars, the pure, unfiltered image of your African dream.

The scenery here is breathtaking. Neither words nor pictures can begin to share to real life majesty that awaits our visitors. Still, we have tried to share this with you - visit our Gallery for more incredible photos.

Still wondering if you can stretch your budget? Review our rates and you will find that we are among the most affordable destinations in this placid part of Africa. Rates are updated regularly and approximate exchange rates are provided for your convenience.

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